Miori Network Design

Design and Optimization of Global Production Networks

Design and optimize your global production network with MIORI Network Design. The web app allows you to effortlessly generate various scenarios of your footprint in the browser. Each input can be customized for alternative scenarios by acquiring data covering everything from production sites to process steps and transport routes. The different scenario configurations and their effects can be simulated in multiple app functions and compared to each other as well as to the actual footprint.


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World Map

The World Map visualises the exchange between the production network’s intermediate and final products. This includes your company’s sale regions. Additionally, external suppliers may also be enclosed for an all-rounded, realistic simulation of your production network. Transport routes are displayed by arrows. Their thickness and colour represent the corresponding transport intensity. A Mouse-over shows further details of individual transport routes in order to obtain an even more transparent breakdown of the network processes.


Comparison View

Varying simulated scenarios can be compared to each other and to the as-is process. This display helps you find and comprehend precise optimization options. Furthermore, the comparison display is available for every MIORI Network Design analysis to contrast the simulations of process chains, capacities, costs or needed resources.


Process chains

Visualizing the network's process chains provides you with a transparent overview of all process chains in the network, ranging from manufacture to product delivery. The process chains are color-coded corresponding to the different locations. This enables you to identify shortfalls in the value creation chain. Furthermore, the process chains' analysis allows you to design your production network more efficiently.


Cost break-down

Cost transparency may be obtained by viewing your production network’s incidental costs broken down as well as those of every simulated scenario. In addition, a focus can be set on displaying the entire costs or just the ones along the value creation chain or the ones along the distribution process. This includes the option of viewing the according costs in their broken-down parts to easily identify potential reductions.


Resource View

The display of resources includes the capacities of machines and workers and therefore creates a scheme showing the availability of resources and their utilization at the specific locations. The scheme’s box sizes are representative of the number of machines, the needed space and production time at the selected location. Additionally, the colour of each box corresponds to the capacity utilization at the scaled production site. More detailed information can be viewed by a mouse-over.


Personnel View

This display shows the capacities of human resources at the selected location. The staff of quality assurance, support of machines, infrastructural upkeep and their direct equivalent to full-time employment are portrayed in comparison. A mouse-over allows for further information regarding human resources.

Furthermore, MIORI Network design calculates the capacities of personnel after receiving the initial input – by the push of a button.

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