Miori process flow

Documentation and analysis of business processes

Document and analyze your business processes with MIORI Process Flow. The intuitive web app creates a comprehensive overview of your business and setup processes, allowing you to identify your optimization potential systematically. Through integrated interfaces, you can effortlessly load and export your data into the app and individually configure your data recording’s level of detail. Your data is then transferred into a real-time process model.

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Project Overview

Manage, create, and edit your Process Flow and Changeover Flow projects in the project overview. MIORI Process Flow allows you to intuitively import new projects and select them for participative project editing. Assign projects to individuals responsible and view recent changes to each project instantly.


Data Recording - Process Flow

Use the tool to structure your process records and assign information such as the responsible department, process times and resources directly to the processes. Collectively evaluate your processes on record regarding the value creation contribution or the degree of standardization. The integrated data check allows you to identify circular relationships or data errors - at the push of a button - and to easily correct them using colour coding.

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Data Recording Additional Information

The recording of additional information enables the mapping of collectively identified weak links or improvement measures for the recorded processes or decisions. The process model displays this information directly at the point of occurrence.


Real-time Process Model - Process Flow

Visualize the logged data in real time in the viewer. The process maps are individually customizable to your requirements in the project properties. The process model is displayed in Swimlanes for an uncomplicated analysis and can be modified to your requirements directly in the user interface. All drawings can be saved, exported, or immediately printed at any time.


Data Modification in the Process Model

All process maps and process information can be adjusted in the process model at any time.


Data Recording - Changeover Flow

The extension MIORI Changeover Flow enables you to visualize and analyse your setup processes according to the SMED standard. Consequently, the data acquisition distinguishes between internal and external setup processes and all process steps can be assigned to a setup phase. Starting times and activity lengths allow a systematic analysis and optimization of the setup times.


Real-time Process Model- Changeover Flow

Visualize the logged data in real time in the viewer. The process model is displayed in Swimlanes for an easy analysis and is customizable to your requirements in the user interface. Choose your activities' optimal representation either related to the employees or sorted by internal and external activities.

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